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Green Corporate

In the era of climate change every individual and institutions should be part of mitigation and adaptation programmes. Corporates have more opportunities to participate in this earth saving movement, through individual and institutional level action programmes. Moreover, corporates can claim definite carbon credits as the training and subsequent activities would contribute specific, tangible outcomes and impacts. Tropical Institute of Ecological Sciences (TIES) offers scientifically designed customized training packages for all cadres of staff of corporates which will imbibe sustainable practices among the corporate community.

The principal aim of the Green Corporate Training is to aware, sensitize and equip the corporate community to adopt sustainable practices at individual and institutional levels in order to adapt and mitigate climate change

The major objectives are:

  • To aware and sensitize corporate staff of all cadres through customized training sessions
  • To equip and build capacity among corporate community to adopt sustainable practices especially adaptation and mitigation measures
  • To improve the carbon credit status of the company through the above said trainings and activities
  • To make the corporate as a Green Company through its Sustainable Practices

One day Training sessions will be given for each cadre of staff through a customized package. 20-30 selected staff should be attend one-day training session. Printed study materials will be provided to each participant for helping subsequent activities. Experts will handle sessions through power point based classes and activity sessions. Activities are typical training for adopting sustainable practices in their individual and institutional lifestyle.

Syllabus & Module
Module I.
Introduction. Green Corporate concept. Environmental issues and climate change. Carbon pollution and carbon sequestration; adaptation and mitigation measures. Attitude building towards sustainable lifestyle.
Module II.
Biodiversity conservation- what to do & how to do? Food, medicines, cosmetics etc. Indoor and outdoor planting. Garden within heart. Organic/natural Farming practices.
Module III.
Energy Conservation - what to do & how to do? Energy Conservation Practices; Alternate energy resources; new technological solutions.
Module IV.
Water conservation - what to do & how to do? Water quantity improving techniques; quality improvement solutions.
Module V.
Waste Management - what to do & how to do? Practical solutions to deal with biodegradable wastes and non-biodegradable wastes. Green protocol.

The training will be conducted through experiential learning method and principally based on activities. The day’s schedule is highly participatory and performed in a customized manner. Sessions will be handled by Expert team of TIES which includes top level academicians, international trainers, and environmental scientists.

Seminar Kit

A kit containing eco-friendly materials, booklets and curios will be provided for every participant.

Target group

Company staff; separate days for managerial staff, supervisory staff and workers. 20-30 selected persons from each category can be trained. The syllabus will be the same, but modules and days schedule are different for each group; required customization will be done during pre-programme discussion sessions.

Expected output, outcome & Impact

How to start?

Company shall make an invitation to TIES for a pre-programme meeting at the company office for conducting Green corporate training. After clarifying the modalities of the Page | 1 programme, the dates shall be fixed. By that time, company should place a formal invitation for TIES to conduct the programme agreeing the terms and conditions as specified above.

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