Story of Peringankulam

  • Story of Peringankulam

    Peringamkulam is a pond located at Perambra in Kodakara Panchayath, Thrissur district, close to NH 47. Till one year back this pond was in an abandoned condition, full of weeds and even separation between land and water was not visible. Wastes including plastics scattered on the surface in between the weeds was a common sight. In 2014, Tropical Institute of Ecological Sciences (TIES) conducted a Biodiversity assessment study for Apollo Tyres, in their campus at Perambra and the surrounding areas. As part of this study 38 ponds in Kodakara GP was listed and Peringamkulam got special mention. It has a history of 200 years and was a big pond of about 1 acre in area until National highway Authority took more than half of the pond in 1970s. TIES suggested to initiate a novel conservation programme for Peringamkulam ensuring local participation, in the same line that of the Naalumanikkaattu, a road-side eco-tourism project at Manarcaud-Ettumanoor Bypass Road, Kottayam. TIES conducted another short-term study on the scope of Peringamkulam as a surface water body with people’s participation. Later, just one year ago Apollo Tyres jointly with Kodakara Grama Panchayat started to implement the restoration project. TIES is the technical consultant and implementing agency for the project. TIES sought the help of COSTFORD, Kottayam for the designing and construction of civil work of the project. The renovation was done imbibing ecological principles and conceiving the goals of sustainability. A full team of TIES under the dynamic leadership of Ms. Darma K. Sebastian, the then Project officer (Apollo CSR Projects) and now Head, CSR Projects of TIES, worked hard to rejuvenate the past glory of the pond, in a more meaningful and aesthetically improved manner. On 19th April 2016 it was opened for public by Mr. Satheesh Sharma, President Apollo Tyres Ltd., in the presence of Mr. George Ommen, Unit Head, Apollo Tyres Ltd., Perambra; Mr. Viswabandhu Bhattacharya, CSR Group Manager, Apollo Tyres Foundation, Perambra; Ms. Smitha R., CSR Specialist, Apollo Tyres Foundation; Mr. T. R. Prasad, Panchayat President, Kodakara Grama Panchayath, Dr. Punnen Kurian, Secretary, Tropical Institute of Ecological Sciences, Ms. Darma K. Sebastian, Head, CSR Projects of TIES, Ms. Aswani R., Project officer, TIES, Mr. Anand Sebastian, Project Officer, TIES and Ms. Ansa Thomas. 
    The pond will soon be known as an evening leisure point in the district. Passers of the NH also will find a halt there. The food stalls for selling local traditional delicacies also will start soon. Yes, Peringamkulam is now the pioneer model for conservation of surface water bodies with community participation ensuring sustainability of the pond and the community.

    Posted by TIES / Posted on Apr , 20 2016

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