The Story of Marathampally Pond

  • The Story of Marathampally Pond

    Marathampally Pond has great stories to talk about the life that revolved around her for the past 200 years. Marathampally is a perennial pond of Kodakara Panchayath, located 300 meters away from National Highway, accessible through a pocket road, sharing boundaries with paddy fields and residential lands. She once played a major role in everyday life of locals who were dependent on it for agriculture, bathing, laundry, showering animals etc. Unlike other ponds, the beneficiaries of this water body were not just natives, but also patients from nearby hospital, Sabarimala pilgrims, and vehicle passengers. As the mother of the region she continued to provide sustenance to her children, replenishing the reservoir even in scorching summer heat. She acted as a cool haven for her dependents in the extreme weather conditions. However, with the increased access to alternate water supplies, she was abandoned by the community that was once dependent on her. Not only that she was used as waste dump yard, and the sight of debris floating in the water was very common here.

    As an effort to conserve the Ponds in Kodakara Panchayat, Apollo Tyre Foundation conducted a short term study in collaboration with Tropical Institute of Ecological Sciences (TIES) a year ago to identify existing ponds in the Panchayat area. Thus, 42 Ponds were located that holds public ownership. That was when Marathampally pond was recognized. Considering her ecological and historical importance, Apollo Tyres joined hands with Kodakara Grama Panchayat in 2016 for her restoration. The renovation was done imbibing ecological principles and conceiving the goals of sustainability.On 2017 Earth day (22ndApri), it was opened for public by Mr. Anil Kumar, HR Head, Apollo Tyres Ltd., Perambra. 
    With the increasing climate change and increasing water scarcity, a large number of people of diverse economic background started using the pond for bathing and washing after its rejuvenation. Even from distant places people are regularly coming here to meet their water needs. Now that she is fully recovered, the ground water level has increased in the nearby wells. Once again, she has taken over her role of nurturing her children.
    Marathampally pond is one among the five ponds restored by Apollo Tyre Foundation under their Water body Conservation Project.

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