TIES Celebrated World Environment Day through Laya

  • TIES Celebrated World Environment Day through Laya

    Nature and music are intimately connected. Humans are not the only acoustical performers on earth; it has been ingrained in our nature for eons.  For instance, the music of song birds has been present in our earth since Cenozoic era, 65 million years ago. The music composition and style takes varying forms in different cultures, nevertheless it is present in all cultures. It suggests that there is a deep human need to create, perform and listen to music. It has a great impact on a person’s mindset and well-being. Therefore, music therapy has been studied to mitigate numerous medical conditions.

    This year’s World Environment Day (WED-June 5th) was centred on the theme “Connecting People to Nature – in the city and on the land, from the poles to the equator.” TIES has chosen a different idea to celebrate people’s connection to the nature. By introducing Environmental Music Therapy (EMT) as tool for the cure of people and nature, TIES opened up new avenues for innovations in environmental science. The event, named Laya: Connecting People to Nature through Music, was presented by Ms. Smita Pisharody who did research on finding the truth behind therapeutic and ecological impacts of music.

    The program started with half an hour lecture on Music Therapy followed by a concert by Ms. Pisharody’s team. The auspicious eve filled TIES campus with a sonic environment in which the audience reminisced their nostalgic past. An august audience including people from different parts of Kottayam and neighbouring districts were in attendance of the program. 

    Posted by TIES / Posted on Jun , 06 2017

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