Study Finds Pollution in Water Sources in Kottayam

  • Study Finds Pollution in Water Sources in Kottayam

    The majority of drinking water sources in the district were found contaminated and highly unsafe for drinking. The study conducted by the Tropical institute of Ecological Sciences (TIES), an approved research centre of MG University, states that 90.74% of drinking water sources are “critically” polluted.

    The research wing of TIES collected water sample from across the district for the study. Among the 583 samples tested, 529 had the presence of coliform bacteria. In more than half of the 529 samples, over 10 lakh bacteria were found in one milliliter of water, said Dr Punnen Kurian Venkadath, who lead the research team. It was also found that more than 95% of drinking water sources have turned acidic due to the increase in pollution and severity of summer.

    Among the 11 block Panchayaths in the district, the highest number of polluted drinking water sources were found in Kanjirappaly (91.07%). It is followed by Kaduthuruthy (88.89%), Pampady (86.08%), Vaikom (85.71%), Ettumanoor (85.71%), Vazhoor (85.24%), Madappally (85.15%), Uzhavoor (82.60%), Pallam (79.24%), Erattupetta (78.57%) and Lalam (70%).

    Increase in number of wells and tube wells, rise in septic tanks, garbage pits and their closeness to water sources are some of the reasons for polluting water sources. This summer is severe and many water sources have dried up and the remaining are left contaminated,” said Dr Kurian.

    The drinking water sources should be purified at least once in two weeks using bleaching powder. Only boiled water should be used for drinking. Quality check report should be ensured if water is bought from suppliers. It has to be confirmed that the supplier in collecting water from an authorized water source. According to Dr Kurian, the quality check report has a validity of 6 months. So a supplier can escape from getting water tested when there is severe scarcity of water. Monthly quality check should be made compulsorily from December to May, he said. 

    Posted by Times of India / Posted on May , 06 2017

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