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  • Finding a Place for the Chirpy Guests

    Finding a Place for the Chirpy Guests

    Kochi: The furious Pace of urban life leaves little time for average Kochiite to care for what used to be the ubiquitous, chirpy house sparrows. The neglect has resulted in serious depletion in their numbers despite the enormous joy they bring to our lives.

    However, that looks set to end with an initiative by the Tropical Institute of Ecological Science, Kottayam, which is encouraging everyone to offer a space for the winged beings even in the urban surroundings. In Kochi, the call has taken up seriously by the Greater Cochin Development Authority. The volunteers under its aegis were seen preparing for the World House Sparrow Day celebrations on Sunday with a slew of measures, including erection of little nests for the birds on trees and co...

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    Posted by Times of India / Posted on Mar , 19 2016

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