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  • Study Finds Pollution in Water Sources in Kottayam

    Study Finds Pollution in Water Sources in Kottayam

    The majority of drinking water sources in the district were found contaminated and highly unsafe for drinking. The study conducted by the Tropical institute of Ecological Sciences (TIES), an approved research centre of MG University, states that 90.74% of drinking water sources are “critically” polluted.

    The research wing of TIES collected water sample from across the district for the study. Among the 583 samples tested, 529 had the presence of coliform bacteria. In more than half of the 529 samples, over 10 lakh bacteria were found in one milliliter of water, said Dr Punnen Kurian Venkadath, who lead the research team. It was also found that more than 95% of drinking water sources have turned acidic due to the increase in pollution and severity...

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    Posted by Times of India / Posted on May , 06 2017
  • 40 Species of Birds in Kottayam Town

    40 Species of Birds in Kottayam Town

    The first ever bird survey of Kottayam town, conducted by Junior Naturalists of the Tropical Institute of Ecological Science (TIES), has identified 40 species.

    According to Dr Punnen Kurian Venkadath, Secretary, TIES, Common myna, Black drongo, Red whiskered bulbul, and Jungle myna were among the most common birds identified in the town.

    An alarming feature was that birds like Cattle egret, Pond heron and Little egret, considered as aquatic birds, have turned themselves scavengers and are found in large numbers among the heaps of municipal waste, he said.

    Interestingly, the survey found that the town was also home to Vernal hanging parrots and Darters, which are not so common in urban surroundings.

    The bird population is the hi...

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    Posted by The Hindu / Posted on Apr , 26 2017
  • Junior Naturalist Certification Course Commenced

    Junior Naturalist Certification Course Commenced

    The nature education course on exploring the nature and biodiversity around has been commenced at Tropical Institute of Ecological Science. Dr T K Jayakumar, Superintend of Kottayam Medical College, has inaugurated the program by sharing his experiences of forest exploration. Mr. P Manoj has introduced different scientific methods of nature observation to the students.  An orientation program cum ice breaking session was conducted by Prof Asha Susan Jacob. TIES president- Dr Abraham Samuel K, Board members- Mr. Ajayakumar M N and Mr. Jacob Varghese, and Nature Education Officer- Mr. Sarath Babu were also engaged in the programs. 


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    Posted by TIES / Posted on Apr , 20 2017
  • World House Sparrow Day at Kottayam and Ernakulam

    World House Sparrow Day at Kottayam and Ernakulam

    The city of Kochi, where house sparrows were abundant, is losing its sparrow population at an alarming rate. House sparrows are considered as an indicator species of sound and healthy environment. The study results of sparrow population survey conducted by TIES in association with World House Sparrow Day indicate a drastic declination in the population of house sparrows. In Cochin City, house sparrows inhabit at Marine Drive and Broadway Market. This year’s survey indicates 350 sparrows in Broadway market and less than 150 in Marine Drive.  While there were 740 house sparrows in 2012 at Kottayam city, it has shrunk to 150 this year. In 2012, there were 10 sites sparrows colonized in; whereas sparrows exist in only five among them.

    Alarmingly smal...

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    Posted by TIES / Posted on Mar , 21 2017
  • House Sparrow Numbers Fall

    House Sparrow Numbers Fall

    The survey of house sparrows held in connection with the World House Sparrow Day has registered a steep drop in the sparrow population in Kottayam and Ernakulam city areas. Dr Punnen Kurian Venkadath, secretary of the Tropical Institute of Ecological Sciences (TIES), here which conducted the survey, said that the findings are so alarming that at this rate the sparrow population could vanish from these areas where they had a thriving population earlier.

    In Kottayam the number which stood at 740 during the first edition of the survey in 2012, has come down to 150 in the current edition. Likewise the sparrows were found in nearly 10 areas within the town in 2012. “During the sixth edition it has come down to just five” said Dr Kurian. In fact the d...

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    Posted by Hindu / Posted on Mar , 19 2017

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