Outreach Projects

Outreach Projects

  • Outreach Projects

    TIES developed an effective platform for extending the in- house expertise in various environment related fields to the community through several unique programmes. A number of such programmes are regularly conducted for various stakeholder groups at TIES or in selected locations. 

    1. Enjoy Learning 

    Enjoy Learning is a unique experiment in environmental education, targeting transformation among the stakeholder community. The nature is taught in an enjoyable way to the students such that it benefits both their studies as well future life. The one-day programme can be treated as a “Field Study programme”, “Field assignment” or laboratory visit or research institute visit as envisaged in the curriculum of several UG courses in South India. For each age group separate packages have been developed based on a general plan. These packages can be customized as per any institution’s need.            

    Pack S-I For students up to 4th standard
    Pack S-II For students of standard 5-7
    Pack S-III For student of standard 8-10
    Pack S-IV For plus one and two students (IV-A for plus one and IV-B for plus two)
    Pack S-V For UG students (V-A for Science students and V-B for Arts students)
    Pack S-VI Fpr PG stundents (VI-A for Science students and VI-B for Arts students)

    2. Enjoy Teaching

    This is a customized tutelage 1-5 day programme for teachers of any subject and background. This course aims at imparting nature oriented approach in teaching which can help in transforming the entire teaching-learning process of any subjects.

    3. Campaigns

    With the motto of spreading environmental education to people, TIES conducts various campaigns within Kerala.

    a. Climate Change

    Climate change is a global issue but local efforts are essential to mitigate it. TIES regularly conduct seminars, workshops and rallies to make the society aware on the impact of climate issue and to adopt green solutions

    b.Water Conservation

    Water scarcity is a matter of concern in many part of the world. Though Kerala is blessed with good amount of monsoon rainfall, during summer season water scarcity is a serious problem. TIES has initiated many activities on spreading the importance of water conservation among people in Kerala and also provide assistance on installing various water conservation methods. 

    c. Energy Management

    With the increased pollution rate which we experience nowadays, it is essential to reduce the use of conventional energy resources. TIES conduct seminars and educational campaigns to encourage people to stick on to renewable energy resources and also to consume energy wisely. 

    d. Lifestyle changes – Eco-friendly lifestyle package

    A majority of current environmental issues especially those related to health, sanitation and hygiene are due to the modern industrial lifestyle. The food, clothing and consumables are handful to the health and environment but being promoted by a market driven economy. TIES attempt to aware the community on the harmful effects of modern lifestyle practices and to adopt sustainable lifestyle solutions, mainly through rejuvenating traditional Indian lifestyle. 

    e. Zero Waste Management

    Zero Waste Management which basically aims at eliminating waste rather than managing waste with the motto of using waste as a form of resource or any value-added product. TIES also believes in utilizing waste as a useful resource and provide assistance to people on ways to eliminate waste from household. TIES has conducted various campaigns, educational seminars as well as workshops to educate people about the same.

    f. Urban Biodiversity Conservation 

    Urbanization has severely affected the natural biodiversity of our cities and townships which are quickly becoming concrete jungles. Improving urban biodiversity is an urgent need to reduce the pollution as well as to promote food biodiversity. TIES has conducted several workshops, seminars and rallies to educate people on this issue and has also published various pamphlets to spread this message.

    g. House Sparrows

    Due to the increased urbanization, house sparrows which were once seen in abundance in our cities are decreasing. It is essential to protect them as they not only are beautiful birds but also help us by eating insects which causes troubles to humans. TIES as a step towards protecting house sparrows celebrates world house sparrow day on every March 20th by placing 50 nest boxes in the townships. TIES also provide awards to best shopkeepers who have taken good initiatives in protecting these birds. Over the year it is been noted that the house sparrow population is significantly increasing in this area.

    h. Green Homestead Concepts 

    Homestead biodiversity is unique and significant in Kerala and it is traditionally maintained by every household. It includes few vegetables, fruit trees, woody trees and garden plants mainly. Even the boarders of each household were de-marketed by hedges (bio fencing) which are also a good responsibility of local biodiversity including several medicinal plants.




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