GRAMAM- Sustainable life style project

GRAMAM- Sustainable life style project

  • GRAMAM- Sustainable life style project

    This is one of the flagship projects of TIES. GRAMAM is a Malayalam word which means ‘Village’. The villages once in Kerala was self sufficient units with a population consists of 70 -80% farmers. They maintained a balanced system, both ecologically and economically, by providing food required for themselves and also for a big community, outside their village. Till the advent of globalization and market-driven consumerism they lived happily, satisfied with their minimum needs, enjoying the relatively less polluted environment. After opening our gates for globalization, we moved towards consumerist lifestyle. Urbanization is increasing at its maximum pace. Along with this sudden transformation several socio-economic evolutions were also reported. Many of these developments are at the cost of pristine environment and led to unprecedented rate of degradation of natural resources.

     We believe that rejuvenation of a sustainable lifestyle, even among the urbanites is the only solution for this issue. GRAMAM offers a package of practical solutions that inculcate eco-friendly lifestyle among the community. It include natural farming, zero waste management, water and soil conservation, promotion of eco-friendly products, energy conservation programmes.

    GRAMAM project is proposed to implement through schools as Primary Environmental Education Programme (PEEP). For more details contact TIES. 

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