Butterfly Garden- Urban Biodiversity

Butterfly Garden- Urban Biodiversity

  • Butterfly Garden- Urban Biodiversity

    Butterflies are one of the most fascinating insects and tropical countries are one of the best repositories of their diversity (1977 sp. in India; 300 sp. in Western Ghats and 145 sp. in Kerala). Butterflies are the best ecological link that demonstrates plant-animal interactions. It is very easy to nurture them in your backyards by just planting few host and nectarian plants turning it into a butterfly garden.

    Butterfly garden is one of the best models to conserve these small animals, even in urban human settlements. They create awareness on our nature, especially the plants, animals and their dynamic interrelationships. They serve as an excellent tool for inculcating the spirit of nature conservation. Many a times such gardens may serve as a ‘mind-healer’ to the people who are living in stress and strain of the day.

    As a part of these projects TIES has initiated a unique programme for nature conservation and to create awareness to the urban community at Kottayam. A butterfly garden was constructed in the Civil station campus at Kottayam which houses district courts, office of the district collector and all major district level government offices and schools and colleges. Besides, trees in the civil station campus were tagged with a name board showing its scientific identity. The project was a pioneer experiment in India to create a natural butterfly garden inside a busy government office complex.

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