Consultancy Service

Consultancy Service

TIES provide specialized services to the public, corporate and government authorities that give a comprehensive up-to-date support for their own research, management and conservation programmes.

As an institution with a substantial in-house technical expertise, TIES provides consultancy services for various stakeholder groups and institutions for EIA, green audit, conservation projects, waste management projects, MSW segregation, quality checking, water quality tests, green landscaping, energy solutions etc.

1.  CSR project implementation for Apollo Tyres Limited

 As the CSR technical partner of Apollo Tyres, TIES provide support for implementing biodiversity enhancement and community development programs at Apollo Tyres campuses at Kalamassery, Ernakulam and Perambra, Thrissur. TIES provided the technical support in doing a Biodiversity Impact Assessment at both the campus and its surrounding communities. Based on it, TIES has developed a Biodiversity Enhancement and Community Development Program, which includes thematic gardens like butterfly garden, fruit tree garden, bird garden, medicinal garden, fish ponds etc, waste management, community water resource restoration etc. Being the technical partner, TIES provide its expertise in implementing these programs at Apollo campuses and the surrounding communities.

Proceeding that, TIES has conducted a pre-project study for the restoration of ponds in the community such as Peringankulam at Permbra, Thrissur. Proceeding the study, an attempt has made and succeeded to restore Peringankulam. Similar efforts are being taken towards the restoration of other ponds in the area. Another pre-project study was conducted for the conservation of riparian and river biodiversity of Chalakkudy river, fourth largest river in Kerala. After the study, Apollo and TIES has taken steps towards a biodiversity survey of Chalakkudy River and its related areas in collaboration with schools in the project site.

2. Mushroom farm help hand

Exclusively for those who are interested in small scale mushroom farming, TIES offers help hand in the form of training sessions, providing high quality seeds etc. Special training sessions that educate people on different kinds of training practices, microbial contamination problems and various marketing strategies including storage, preservation, packing as well as pricing of mushrooms are provided at TIES through experts.

                3. Water quality analysis

 TIES has high standard laboratory facilities for conducting various water quality analysis, and with expert knowledge provide assistance to individuals and various organizations in and around Kerala. Main water quality tests conducted at the institute include E.Coli, coliform and faecal coliform count analysis. Along with these, tests for calculating pH, hardness, salinity, chlorinity, total dissolved solids, BOD, COD, DO, conductivity, acidity, and alkalinity of water sample is also been carried out at TIES. Services will be given at any time. For further details please contact TIES office.

4. Microbiological tests

 a) Isolation and characterisation: The institute offer assistance in isolation, characterisation and identification of various micro-organisms including pathogens and other suspected organisms in any samples of water, soil, food etc.

 b) Antibiotic sensitivity tests: With the plant and animal pathogens available at the laboratory in the campus, studies to analyse the resistance and sensitivity of antibiotics in various samples are also carried out at the institute.

c) Herbal drug evaluation: Using the pathogens available, resistivity and sensitivity of antibiotics in various herbal drugs are also conducted at TIES.

d) Phytochemical analysis: Biochemistry lab at TIES is full-fledged and equipped to do all phytochemical analysis.

e) Tissue Culture: Tissue culture facilities are available at TIES.

                5. Home composting techniques

Training on home composting techniques are given at TIES which mainly includes assistance on various composting solutions. Along with these, TIES also supply composting products such as pipe compost, Kamba, Pot compost etc.

                6. Eco-friendly architecture (green building) and green landscape designing

 Construction boom in Kerala and other states are mainly based on concrete technology and high energy dependent. Kerala had a traditional, eco-friendly architecture based on ‘Vaasthu’, but now it is used only for namesake or mere superstitions. As a result, buildings are becoming highly expensive, carbon polluting and discarding even small patches of greenery. TIES offers consultancy services for making green building, imbibing concepts of traditional vaasthu and modern green building programmes. TIES also provides consultations for green landscaping with locally adaptable aesthetic plans.

7. Jalanidhi at Meenadam Panchayat

As the supporting agency of Jalanidhi, TIES provides technical support for the implementation of the water management scheme of Jalanidhi at Meenadam Panchayat.

8. Preparation of Perspective Plan for Konni-Achankovil Sub-landscape for the Implementation of Green India Mission

In collaboration with Konni Forest Division, TIES provided technical support in preparing a perspective plan for implementing Green India Mission, a national mission for strengthening Indian Forests, at Konni-AchenkovilSublandscape.

9. Shuchithwa Kottayam Project

TIES partnered with District Commision, Kottayam and provide technical assistance for the implementation of Shuchithwa Kottayam Project. Through this project, TIES aims to develop a proper solid waste management system through proper waste collection, segregation and processing methods, and creating awareness among the population for proper waste management; thereby, making Kottayam a clean and beautiful landscape.

10. River Bank Mapping and Sand Auditing of Muvattupuzha River

In collaboration with District Commision, Ernakulam TIES has conducted the sand auditing and river bank mapping of Muvttupuzha River. TIES team has conducted the survey and prepared the report on the auditing conducted, and continues to provide technical advice on conservation plans at the project site.

11. Participatory Forest Management

As a consultant, TIES has conducted a Participatory Forest Management programme (PFM) for the State Forest Department Agency, Kerala. Through this programme, TIES evaluated the present level of institutional strength of institutions participated in PFM such as Vana Samrakshana Samithies, Eco-development Committees and Forest Development Agencies, and evaluated the gaps in the capacity building process in the afore mentioned agencies. TIES has also identified the training needs of the members in these agencies to help them to provide institutional level capacity building trainings.


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