About Us

Aims and objectives

TIES is established mainly to promote education and research in the field of science, to diffuse useful knowledge and also for initiating charitable works. The broad objectives of the centre are research, training, application of science and extension of the knowledge to the needy sections of the society. 

The specific objectives of the institution are to:

  • Impart higher education in ecological sciences and related frontier science areas among rural masses, through state-of-the-art techniques utilising modern teaching and learning modes
  • Co-ordinate or conduct different courses in ecology and related subjects offered at various national and international universities by providing essential infrastructure
  • Conduct research programmes on ecological subjects like biodiversity, agriculture, pollution control, waste management, health and diseases of human beings, other wild and domestic animals, plant systematic and their application etc.
  • Arrange training courses in different subjects for the benefit of participants at different levels such as teachers and students, farmers, agricultural officers and scientists, public health workers, people’s representatives to local bodies, layman etc.
  • Take up studies and investigations for various organisations or for individuals in order to generate required scientific knowledge
  • Arrange lectures, seminars, symposium and conferences with a view to promote the study of ecological sciences
  • Maintain research institutions, laboratories, experimental farms, field stations, animal houses, containment facilities, reference library and other research and experimental facilities
  • Establish community extension centre for publishing and disseminating knowledge generated through research, such as printing and publishing facility and audio-visual production centres

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